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Title: Now you see it.
Pairing(s): None for now
Genre: AU, light angst, comedy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Lee Howon leads a seemingly perfect life. He has everything that anyone could ask for – Looks, sports, arts, academics. He was perfect and everyone adored him. However, he finds his life mundane and seeks something more. What is it that he wants to find? Nah, I’m not going to spoil you.
A/N: fic collab with

Chapter One

To describe Lee Howon in a single word, you could say that he was special. He wasn’t like the teenager that you’d see walking down the street. He wasn’t exactly normal. He was the star quarterback of the football team of his school, a jock and he was super smart as well. You could just say “Lee Howon” while you’re in the neighborhood and everyone would look at you immediately. He was that well-known.

Lee Howon, he was not only good in his academics, sports but he was good in the arts as well. Everyone knew that he was a dancer and the way his body would flow together with the beat, it was just flawless and amazing. He could sing as well, though it wasn’t exactly emotions-filled, it was good enough. At least, he didn’t crack while attempting to hit a higher note. Lee Howon was a triple threat that every school, every parent, everyone wanted.

He had a perfect family, as well. His parents died early and he was left to the care of his Uncle and Aunt. His uncle and aunt had a son, who was of the same age as he was, and he too, excelled extremely well in school. Not as well as Lee Howon, of course.

There was something special about Lee Howon though. He had the perfect looks that every girl wanted in their boyfriends. But, there was something that disrupted that perfect appearance. It was a scar that he had on his forehead.

Though he was leading such a star-filled life, Howon couldn’t help but feel bored with his life. His life was just like a routine. He did the same things every day – smile, study, play football, eat, sleep, breathe, drink, dance. He wanted some action in his life, but no, he wasn’t looking for that kind of romance action that you see in every high school story.

He wanted something more, something more magical.

Howon was waiting for dinner to be served in the living room, the smell of his aunt’s cooking flooded his senses as he paid no heed to the television that was switched on. His cousin and uncle, however, were intently watching the soccer game, cheering whenever the team that they supported scored a goal. Howon only sighed, he had always preferred football over to soccer.

“Howon-ah, let’s all go on a holiday this weekend,” his uncle suddenly stated over the dinner table, looking up from his plate. Howon blinked, slightly surprised as he looked around to see nods of approval from both his aunt and his cousin. Since he was young, he had never went on a holiday with them. For some reason or another, he never found the need to bond with them. He preferred keeping to himself.

He relented eventually, though, succumbing to his cousin’s puppy eyes and convincing words. “Howon! If you don’t come this time, the holiday will be canceled! It’s my birthday, you know! Think of all the pretty girls that you’d be able to see!” Of course, his cousin got a hit on the head by his aunt.

You could say that Howon was surprised to see where they’d be living after driving past the coastal areas and flinching from the harsh sunlight. It was dark, a stark contrast from the bright scenery they were driving past from before. A look at the dark house, he could feel shivers run down his spine. Howon only blinked in disbelief as his uncle helped to move his luggage in.

“Come on, Howon-ah,” his aunt shouted from inside. Howon trudged in, taking a slow step at a time. He wasn’t sure how to feel, he only knew that he was afraid of the appearance that the house had. The insides of the house were just like the outside – eerie, scary and dark. He didn’t like it one bit.

The family had been quiet, staring at the old television once they had all settled. His aunt and uncle retreated for their rooms first and his cousin retired for bed soon after. Howon didn’t feel like sleeping, even though he could feel his eyes start to fail on him and close. His eyelids were drooping as he clutched the cup of cold tea in his hands. Darkness, darkness.

A gust of strong wind woke him up instantly as he shot his head up to look at the the entrance of the house. He immediately moved to wrap his hands around himself, rubbing at his arms to provide warmth. He hears coughs and loud footsteps. He can’t help but feel scared as he picked up the only thing that he has next to him, a thick dictionary.

“Meh, meh. What kind of place is ‘tis? ‘Dem wind was cra~zy.”

Howon blinked. What was that he just heard? Was it the sound of a man’s voice? He wasn’t entirely sure. He clutched the dictionary in his hand even tighter (even though, it wouldn’t seem to be a robber, would it?).

He only gasps when he sees a huge man stare right at him, walking through the doors of his house (well, not exactly, his. But, you get the point!) and eating a turkey leg. His eyes widened to a size he’d never expect and he thinks that he’s dreaming when the man looks at him, catches his gaze and speaks. “Hello ‘thar. Is this the house of Lee Howon?”

“That would be me...” Howon manages to choke out as he eyes the man in front of him. He looked big, definitely bigger than him, he wasn’t dressed in exactly, pretty clothes and his clothes looked rather ruggard, in fact. His hair was in a mess and it looked like it hadn’t been combed in ages and his beard was so long, Howon was positive that it reached his chest.

“Ah, s’all good, then. Thought I ran up the wrong one. Name’s Shindong. Boy, I got some news ‘fer ya’,” the man said, introducing himself as he detaches his mouth from the turkey leg. Howon stares up at him. This guy, just suddenly came walking into his house while eating a turkey leg and says that he has news for him. Howon has never even met this person before in his entire life. Howon raises an eyebrow, wondering what the man – Shindong – has in store for him.

“‘Yer a wizard, Howon.”

“Hoya. Call me Hoya please.”

"Fine. Making me say it all over again," he sighed. "’Yer a WIZARD, Hoya. ‘Ya happy now?"

Howon stares at Shindong, tempted to roll his eyes but decides against it out of respect. He ignores Shindong, putting the dictionary back onto the table and removes his glasses from the bridge of his nose. He mumbles incoherent words before walking in the direction of the stairs. It’s definitely a dream.

“Howon, what was that noise?”

Howon blinked, turning to the source of the sound. “Nothing! Go back to sleep!” he yelled. He turns back to Shindong, side-eyeing him. “I’m a wizard. Uh huh. A wizard. How am I supposed to believe that?”


Howon is only more convinced that what is happening to him is a dream after he feels that his legs are moving. Not to his will. His legs were dancing uncontrollably, twisting in ways that he never thought he’d be flexible enough to so do.

“What on Earth does this prove? I’m a good dancer, you know. It just shows that my feet are smarter than me. Doing things I didn’t know I was capable of.”

“Well, lad. it was either that, or I turn ‘ya inta’ turkey. But Professor Sunggyu would be upset if i ate one of his students,” Shindong deadpanned.

“Love, do I look like I care?”

Shindong pointed his wand at the disbelieving boy. “Alright then, lad. Turkey it is!” The large man mouthed out a spell, tapping the tip of Howon’s nose which then grew and hardened into a beak. Howon gasps, his hands immediately flying to where his nose had been and started to shriek as he feels a curve.

“‘Ya believe me now, Sir Hoturkey?”

“If I say ‘yes’, will I get my nose back?” Shindong nods. “Well then, yes. I believe you.”

In an instant, Howon’s nose was returned to normal and he was more than pleased to feel something flat as opposed to something curvy. Shindong chuckles at his reaction, crossing his arms together. “Now, that wasn’t too difficult, was it? Now, hurry up and follow me. We have lots’ to do.”

Howon couldn’t believe what was in his field of vision. People were on broomsticks, people were holding wands like as if it was the most normal thing in their lives. Shindong only chuckles at Howon’s reaction, whereby his eyes were sparkling and curiosity was pumping in his veins. He brings a hand to his chin, rubbing it tentatively as he coughed once to get Howon’s reaction.

“Lovin’ it here already, mm?” Howon only nods as he ignores Shindong and continues to look at his surroundings in amazement. At that point, Howon seemed to be more like a six-year-old kid than a person of his own age.

“Well, Sir Hoturkey, welcome to the world of magic."

part two //

personal author's note: because this is a joint-fic. you guys are lucky that i can't f-lock it. /shrugs.
that's all for now. bye.
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