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Now you see it ;

Title: Now you see it. (part 3)
Pairing(s): None for now, several to come.
Genre: light angst, comedy, adventure
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Lee Howon leads a seemingly perfect life. He has everything that anyone could ask for – Looks, sports, arts, academics. He was perfect and everyone adored him. However, he finds his life mundane and seeks something more. What is it that he wants to find? Nah, I’m not going to spoil you.
A/N: fic collab with
[info]yeolbear ♥ oh, yeah. if we haven't already mentioned it before, this will have several cross-overs, and we've modified a few ages & heights around. so, sorry about that. anyways, starting next chapter, i believe, this won't be canon HP!verse. ^^v

"Alright, Shinwoo, you first,” the stout woman urged her son.

Howon watched as the tall, lanky boy ran into the platform and disappeared without a trace after that. Blinking as he turned, looking left and right, checking to see if anyone else was seeing it.

“Alright, Junghwan, your turn.”

“He’s not Junghwan! I am!” Jinyoung cried, pointing a finger at the younger, then himself.

“Honestly, woman. And you call yourself our mother,” Junghwan shook his head playfully, pushing the cart in front of him to the brick pillar.

“Oh, sorry, Jinyoung,” the woman pouted, urging the boys to run through platform nine and three quarters.

“I’m only joking, I am Junghwan,” he admitted before pushing himself (and his cart) through the pillar, Jinyoung following shortly after.

Gathering confidence as he shook away his nervousness, Howon walked towards the woman. “Excuse me. Could-could you tell me how to,” he stuttered, looking straight ahead. The woman smiled knowingly upon seeing the child (and the owl in his possession), turning back to the brick pillar that her sons ran through.

“How to get onto the platform?”

He nodded.

“Not to worry, dear,” she patted him on the shoulder. “It’s Woohyun’s first time to Hogwarts as well!” Howon turned to the boy who nodded at him. The boy was short, shorter than he was and he looked pretty much, average. His eyes were a different story though, they were somewhat, shining with excitement. He returned the gesture.

“It’s very simple, really. Now, all you’ve got to do is walk straight into the platform between nine and ten. Best do it with a bit of a run if you’re nervous,” she instructed him gently.

Thinning his lips in concentration, he pushed his luggage as he ran through the brick pillar. Leaving the ‘muggle’ world, entering the wizarding world.

“Excuse me, do you mind?” he hears from the side. Turning away from the window, he sees the boy that was next to him when he was running through a pillar. (yes. through a pillar, wait ’til the guys on the football team hear about that). What did that lady say his name was again? “Everywhere else is full.” The boy looked shier than he had before they ran through the pillar (yup. still not used to it yet.)

“Not at all!” Howon offered the seemingly nervous boy the seat in front of him with a bright, toothy smile.

“I’m Woohyun, by the way,” the boy says once he’s seated. “Nam Woohyun.”

Howon opens his mouth to speak, but instead of words. He accidentally made a gobbling noise. He blinked rapidly. Did that just happen?

Woohyun seemed to find it funny. Trying to hide his laughter behind his hand, but failing. “S-Sorry,” he said, still laughing. “Go on.”

Howon cleared his throat, readjusting his glasses. “I’m Howon. Lee Howon.”

Woohyun stopped laughing. Eyes growing as wide as they could. Mouth open. (“you could catch a fly like that!”) “So it’s true!” he said quietly, leaning forward. “Do you have the--” he motioned to his head tentatively. (“the what?”) “scar?”

"Oh, yeah," Howon nodded, pushing the bangs away from his forehead for a brief second to reveal a scar which resembled a lightning bolt.

“Wicked,” he breathed, leaning back into his seat. Satisfied smile on his face. “I never knew that the boy-who-lived could gobble so well!”

“Ah. Actually, I was--” he started, only to be cut off by an elderly woman pushing a cart of various snacks.

“Anything off the trolley, dears?” she asked in a sweet voice as she strolled by their carriage. Woohyun turned towards her mid-sentence, glancing at the cart before smiling sheepishly.

“No thanks, I’m all set,” he responds. holding up a small bag of homemade cookies and powdered donuts.

Howon didn’t miss the longing gleam in his eyes. Pursing his lips, he placed his hand inside his right pocket, feeling around for the coins he got from the safe, showing it to the boy seated across from him. “We’ll take the lot,” he exclaimed before the woman walked away.

Woohyun gaped at him. “Whoa.”

Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans?” he read off a box he grabbed from the trolley.

“They mean every flavor,” Woohyun responded, chewing on some licorice. “There’s chocolate and peppermint,” he tried to recall, grabbing more snacks from his lap as he continued. “and there’s also spinach, liver, tripe. Jinyoung swore he got a rose flavored one month.”

Howon made a face of disgust, spitting the candy bean out of his mouth before reaching for another box from behind him.

“These aren’t real frogs, are they?” he questioned, staring at the blue cover that read Chocolate Frogs in cursive script.

“Nah, it’s just a spell. Besides, it’s the cards ‘ya want. Each box has a famous witch or wizard in ‘em,” the dark haired boy said, mouth stuffed with candy. “I’ve got about five hundred of ‘em.”

Howon opened the container tentatively, jumping in surprise when a small chocolate frog leaped out from the box and latched onto the window. Crawling up to the opening of the window, jumping out and getting carried away by the wind.

“Aw, that’s rotten luck,” Woohyun complained. “They’ve only got one good jump in them to begin with.”

The younger boy looked down at the card in his hands. Kim Sunggyu. The man in the card looked rather young, despite the fact that his hair was gray and wispy. Howon came to the conclusion that the man in the card was wearing a fake (attachable beard). Or at least, he thought he was. Hamster-like cheeks and gray hair just didn't mix very well.

“Hey, I’ve got Professor Sunggyu!”

Woohyun smiled. “Oh. I’ve got about six of him.”

Howon narrowed his eyes for moment at the boy tugging the gummy worm between his teeth before looking back down at his card. “Hey! He’s gone!” he exclaimed when he didn’t see the man’s photo.

“Of course he is! You don’t expect him to stick around forever, do you?”

No, but you must have. Considering you have six freaking cards of him. he thought. Pushing that aside, he stared at the light brown bunny on the older boy’s lap.

The older boy followed his line of vision. “Oh, this is ‘treegyo’. My brothers said they named it after me. Something about my name,” he shook his head. “Anyways. He’s cute, but downright lazy! All he ever does is eat! I mean, look at ‘em,” he sighed, petting the small animal who was busying himself by eating all the candy in the tiny box.

“I guess,” Howon agreed. The bunny didn’t come out until he bought the cart of food.

“Jihoon gave me a spell to turn him yellow once. Wanna see?”

“Sure,” the younger responded readily with childish delight, moving closer to the bunny.

Woohyun cleared his throat, pulling out his wand. “Sun-” he began when another boy dressed in the Hogwarts robes entered the carriage, sighing as he glanced around the area.

“Have either of you seen a frog? Some kid named ‘Minhyuk’ lost one.”

Woohyun eyed him, shaking his head, then shrugging. “No.”

The boy leaned against one side of the sliding door, noticing the way Woohyun held his wand-- as if he was about to cast a spell.. “Oh. Are you doing magic? Let’s see it,” he commanded arrogantly, tilting his head against the frame.

Woohyun cleared his throat once more. Waving his wand up and down as he chanted, “Sunshine. Daisies. Butter. Mellow. Turn this lazy rabbit yellow!” The male leaning against the doors stared at him incredulously when he pointed his wand at the bunny. It didn’t turn yellow like Woohyun or Howon expected. It just shot the poor, unsuspecting creature in the behind.

The two boys only shrugged at each other while the bunny hopped into Howon’s lap.

“Are you sure that’s a real spell?” the boy asked, sliding into the carriage, side-eying the caster. He scoffed. “Well. It’s not a very good one, is it?”

Woohyun scowled at him before turning to Howon, motioning to the intruder with his eyes. Giving him a look that said, “what’s with him?”

“Of course, I’ve only tried to use simple spells myself. They’ve all worked for me,” he remarked smugly, pulling out his wand, taking a seat in front of Howon.

“For example,” he pointed the wand to the bridge of the boy’s glasses. The young wizard gasped, staring at the wand as if it was going to hurt him, making him seem cross-eyed. “Occulus reparo.”

Howon jumped in surprise when the bridge of his glasses suddenly changed. The rusty surface was now brand new, rather than being upheld by tape. He took off his spectacles to examine them, checking to see whether or not the smug wizard in front of him had really fixed his glasses for him. “That’s better, isn’t it?”

Woohyun, who was munching on brownies while the newcomer was performing a spell, turned. Eyes widening in shock. His cheeks puffed up from the food he had yet to chew or swallow.

There was a small gasp. “Oh my gosh. You’re Lee Howon, aren’t you?” he asked, leaning back against the seat. “I’m Lee Sungyeol,” he turned to the other boy, still stuffing his face. “And… you are?”

“Nam Woohyun,” he answered, voice muffled by the food, smiling.

Sungyeol cringed, “pleasure. Now, you two best put on your robes,” he advised. “I expect we’ll be arriving at Hogwarts soon,” he dusted his pants before heading out the carriage door.

“Oh,” he turned around. “You have a smidgen of dirt on your nose, did you know that?” he informed the dark haired boy who looked back up at him, pointing at a random spot on his face. “Right here.”

Woohyun rubbed at the side of his nose self-consciously, a piece of chocolate hanging from his lips as he glared at the boy who just left.

The whistle on the train sounded as it reached the entrance of the school. Shindong was there, waiting for them, lantern in hand, walking towards the freights when the train stopped.

“Alright then. First years, this way please!” he bellowed. “Come on, now! Don’t be shy. Come on, come on!”

The two boys got off the train, looking around themselves with wide-eye amusement as they walked towards the gatekeeper. A crowd was starting to form around the large man.

“Hello, Howon,” he greeted the boy fondly, ruffling his hair.

“Hi, Shindong,” he returned with a toothy grin.

Looking back up, the gatekeeper beckoned the children to follow as he led the way to the school the students would soon call their home. "Alright, kids! This way to the bog!"


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