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Take a Bow.


(for anyone who bothers to read this, you'll get an inside look of the main characters 8D)

Day 1 - A main protagonist, their bio.
Day 2 - A Main protagonist’s love interest(s), their bio(s).
Day 3 - A main protagonist’s best friend(s), their bio(s).
Day 4 - A main antagonist, their bio.
Day 5 - The place a character sleeps.
Day 6 - The place a character works/goes to school/hangs out whatever.
Day 7 - A major story location.
Day 8 - A character’s parent(s) or guardian
Day 9 - A minor antagonist.
Day 10 - Your character when they were young(er)
Day 11 - What kind of people show up in the background in your world?
Day 12 - How does a character comfort themself?
Day 13 - What kind of foods are popular in the setting?
Day 14 - What is a character’s biggest regret?
Day 15 - What are a character’s bad habits?
Day 16 - What was a character’s first romantic and/or sexual encounter like?
Day 17 - What are popular sports and hobbies in your setting?
Day 18 - What would your protagonist do if they saw your antagonist on the street?
Day 19 - What would your antagonist do if they saw your protagonist on the street?
Day 20 - Demonstrate a character and their best friend and/or love interest interacting as they most commonly do.
Day 21 - What is a character’s deepest desire?
Day 22 - What animals appear in your setting?
Day 23 - A unique place in your setting.
Day 24 - Where did you draw inspiration for the setting/story from?
Day 25 - A character’s proudest moment.
Day 26 - What special talents or abilities does a character have?
Day 27 - Describe/Illustrate is an average day to a character.
Day 28 - A character’s most embrassing moment.
Day 29 - Describe/illustrate an important thematic element.
Day 30 - Describe/Illustrate a major event in the setting’s history.
Tags: f: infinite, meme., p: sungyeol/myungsoo
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Oh, oh, oh unnie this seems really interesting! I should be heading to school now but I'll drop by again to read it and analyze it more carefully XD Please wait for me~ ^^'

alright, sweetheart ♥ (:

I did not forget this school's just being a bitch from the very beginning

First off you know me and how I'm kind of a novice at lj so I'm just a little clueless when it comes to stuff like this ^^'~

Now onto the meme itself- I suspect that it's gonna reveal a little bit more to us about your current/future stories which is pretty much awesome- not to mention how many question are there and how detailed they are- I am looking forward to seeing you answer all of them~

especially day 1,2,10,13,16,20,21,23,24 - might as well listed off the whole thing XD

I am craving to know more~