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01 January 2011 @ 02:34 am

infinite 100 fic challenge

started: october 11th, 2011 @ 2:33am
ended: --
fics completed: 0/100

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31 December 2010 @ 05:28 pm

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my name's eva (:
16, turning 17 some time in december ♥
this is evaa_x3 's fic journal. mkay?
fan-fictions will be public for 48 hours. after the given amount of time, it will be locked.

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30 December 2010 @ 12:00 am
my favorite pairings (alphabetically by groups) ♥
otps listed by age. older/younger.

same sex otps.

2pm /one day: nichkhun/chansung. wooyoung/junho. chansung/jinwoon.

after school: jinah/sooyoung (nana/lizzy)

b1a4: junghwan/sunwoo. dongwoo/jinyoung. dongwoo/chansik.

b. a. p: himchan/youngjae. daehyun/jongup. youngjae/jongup. youngjae/joonhong.

beast: doojoon/hyunseung. doojoon/junhyung. doojoon/kikwang. junhyung/yoseob. yoseob/kikwang. kikwang/dongwoon.

big bang: daesung/lee seunghyun.

block b: taeil/jihoon. minhyuk/yookwon. jaehyo/yookwon. jiho/jihoon.

c.n. blue: minhyuk/jungshin

co-ed school: taewoon/chanmi. inho (noori)/hyewon. kwanghaeng/hyewon.

dalmatian: jisu/daniel. dongrim/daniel.

dbsk: yoochun/junsu.

exo (whole): minseok/yifan. minseok/yixing. minseok/jongdae. luhan/yifan. luhan/zitao. yifan/yixing. yifan/joonmyeon. yifan/jongin. yifan/sehun. joonmyeon/jongin. joonmyeon/sehun. yixing/jongin. yixing/sehun. baekhyun/universe. jongdae/zitao. kyungsoo/zitao. kyungsoo/jongin. kyungsoo/sehun. zitao/jongin. zitao/sehun. jongin/sehun.

f(x): amber/sunyoung. sunyoung/soojung. jinri/soojung.

f.cuz: yejun/younghak.

f.t. island: hongki/jaejin. jonghoon/jaejin. jonghoon/wonbin. wonbin/minhwan. jaejin/minhwan. seunghyun/minhwan.

infinite: sunggyu/dongwoo. sunggyu/howon. sunggyu/myungsoo. sunggyu/sungjong. dongwoo/woohyun. dongwoo/howon. dongwoo/sungjong. woohyun/howon. woohyun/sungyeol. woohyun/sungjong. howon/sungyeol. howon/sungjong. sungyeol/myungsoo.

kara: gyuri/nicole. gyuri/seungyeon. gyuri/jiyoung. seungyeon/hara. hara/nicole. nicole/jiyoung.

mblaq: seungho/byunghee. seungho/chulyong. byunghee/changsun. changsun/chulyong. sanghyun/chulyong.

shinee: jinki/jonghyun. jinki/taemin. kibum/minho.

shinhwa: minwoo/sunho (andy). dongwan/minwoo. dongwan/sunho. hyesung/sunho.

ss501: hyunjoong/kyujong. hyunjoong/jungmin. hyunjoong/hyungjoon. youngsaeng/kyujong. youngsaeng/jungmin. kyujong/hyungjoon. jungmin/hyungjoon.

super junior: jongwoon/ryeowook. donghee/sungmin. kangin/sungmin. sungmin/ryeowook. sungmin/kyuhyun. hyukjae/donghae. hyukjae/ryeowook. hyukjae/kibum. hyukjae/kyuhyun. zhoumi/henry. donghae/ryeowook. siwon/kibum. ryeowook/kyuhyun. ryeowook/kibum.

teen top: minsoo/chanhee. chanhee/daniel. chanhee/jonghyun. byunghun/daniel. byunghun/jonghyun. changhyun/jonghyun.

u-kiss: alexander/kevin. soohyun/eli. kibum/kevin. kiseop/eli.

z:ea : heechul/hyungshik.


cross-overs/het otps--

lee minhyuk/sungyeol. doojoon/junho. wooyoung/doojoon. kyuhyun/changmin (dbsk). myungsoo/minhwan. sungyeol/seunghyun (f.t. island). junho/minhwan.

junho/hyoyeon. doojoon/hyoyeon. wooyoung/taeyeon. kikwang/hyosung. sungyeol/nicole. woohyun/nicole. junho/nicole. world/nicole. nichkhun/victoria. donghae/sooyeon. hyukjae/sooyeon. kibum/amber. henry/amber. myungsoo/soojung. minho/soojung. junho/soojung. doojoon/hyosung. hyukjae/gyuri. nichkhun/yuri. junsu (dbsk) /taeyeon. changmin (dbsk)/sooyeon. chulyong/jinah (nana). chansung/sooyoung (snsd). junsu (2pm) / miyoung (tiffany).


*italicized = ultimate otps.

lol. i have otps that are unlikely to be shipped. especially the crossovers and het. roflfmao. but hey, it's my list of otps, no? c: ♥

and this is just the beginning, too. roflmfao.